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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not a Thing of Beauty, but hopefully...

Not a thing of beauty, but hopefully it will be a joy forever. At least as long of a forever as we need.

This is actually the saga of the old (working but declared to be walking dead) freezer. I'll tell you all about it when it leaves the premises. Today's project is part of the lead-up to that event.

So, we found a used freezer that was the right size. (A little smaller, but close enough.) I bought it two months ago, and managed to get it here when Robert and I did the tree day, because he has a truck. However...

We got a great deal on it because it has no internal storage baskets. The baskets in the old freezer would fit, but there was no way to support them. So, I figured out a way to make a frame to hold them. With snow outside, I have nowhere to work except in the living room. Not enough space, had to use a chair for a sawhorse. Made a big mess.

building project

But it's done. It is definitely nothing lovely, but it will do the job. We have two baskets, and this will allow them to slide along the upper level.

It takes up more space than I would like, but it will work.

building project

Next step will be the big one. We have to find another friend with a truck and a muscle, since Om isn't supposed to lift much any more. The following will all have to happen on the same day, so the food won't thaw- although if the temperature is nice and cold we can put it outside.

1. Move new freezer back outside (it's currently taking up every bit of open floor space)
2. Empty old freezer contents into boxes
3. Empty and remove shelves from one entire side of pantry
4. Wrestle old freezer out (this one is going to be really bad)
5. Move new freezer in
6. Put food in new freezer
7. Replace pantry shelves and replace all stuff (sigh)
8. Wrestle old freezer into truck
9. Take old freezer to recycle.

Guess what the blog post will be about the day THAT all happens. Stay tuned.

I'm guessing step 7 might actually happen last, since I'm sure whoever we get to help won't feel like hanging around for that part of the project.

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john bain said...

You have done a first class job there.

Secondary Roads said...

Well done. It appears that you have a MAJOR project going on.

Our house is a mess as Sylvia is clearing "cottage cheese" off the ceilings. No sawdust here . . . just plaster dust.

Hope you find some able-bodied help.

Ann said...

I'm impressed. You did a great job with that.

Sharkbytes said...

John- well, thanks... it's 2nd class, but no one is going to be judging for furniture quality.

Chuck- yuk. I'm still amazed that you are doing that thankless job. I'm sure I wouldn't care enough

Ann- it's functional. That is all.

vanilla said...

Nice job; yet no envy for the "moving day" activities.

RNSANE said...

That that is quite a project, Joan. For about 40 years, I always had a freezer - a large upright one that I kept filled to overflowing. I always love to cook and, with my crazy call schedule, I wanted to make sure there would be plenty of meals around. If I didn't get home from the hospital.

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