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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Beach

Brutal here. Temp at 3 pm was 5 degrees F, and the wind chill was something like -12. I had some cases to do in Ludington and drove through Stearns Park to look at the beach. The snow kept coming in waves, so that the water was visible and then it wasn't. It was like a magic show, one second there, then just gone.

I put this picture on Facebook when I got home, but I'm sure some of you haven't seen it. I was basically disappointed with it because it's not nearly so dramatic as the real thing, but lots of people are liking it, so I guess it's ok.

Ludington Lighthouse

The waves seemed to be rolling in higher than the beach.

Lake Michigan winter waves

But the video is the best. Even though it's still a poor substitute for what it was really like, it shows all of what I described, and the motion helps give the real feeling.

I hear they've already closed school for tomorrow.

See Ludington Beach in January
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vanilla said...

Though I am sure the 'real' thing was more impressive, the pictures are great!

I just cannot picture me standing in the cold for a full minute to shoot that video. More power to you.

Secondary Roads said...

This time of year, I'm not wanting to head to the beach. I like my cozy office.

Ann said...

Well judging from the pictures I would say that the real thing was pretty spectacular. That first shot it just awesome. It looks like a painting to me.

betchai said...

love the picture, looks like a painting, the waves are so lovely to look at and to listen to

Loretta said...

hmmmm...and I thought our 28 today was pretty cold! I did not go down and look at the TN river and watch the current though. Love the video of the waves...great for surfing but even a wet suit wouldn't keep that kind of cold out...

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla- Somehow it didn't seem to bad. I guess I was focused on the task.

Chuck- It would not have been a good day to walk the pier!

Ann- lots of people are saying that. The blowing snow softened it all

betchai- A bit loud and crashy to be comforting

Loretta- it's warming right up here, we're at a balmy 8

Unknown said...

Hi Joan. This post made me shiver. We took Jade to our little local beach inside Poole Harbour yesterday. It wasn't anything like that, though I have seen waves like that at Sandbanks on the open sea side. We've had lots of rain since our snow melted, and most of our usual walking places are now under water.

RNSANE said...

That makes me want to light a fire... Except I don't have a fireplace. ?Great video.

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