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Friday, January 25, 2013

How Do the Newspapers Leave the Stuffer?

Today was a 9 hour day. I confess that my legs are pretty tired after a whole day of this job on the cement floor.

Sorry, but I'm skipping around in the process again. There is a second row of stuffing stations that put four inserts in the paper at the same time, but we'll have to come back to that.

This video is where the papers come out of the stuffing machine. The force of their speed smacks them against the far "wall" and straightens them. They are jogged toward the wall until the moving belt grabs them and carries them up to the ceiling on their way to the stuffer.

This video shows how it looks when it works right. I was hoping to get a photo of how it looks when this step goes wrong, but of course, after I got the camera out, it worked perfectly the rest of the day. I would be pretty stupid to actually complain about that!

It snowed all day long, and I hadn't cleared the driveway yesterday. Ha! I did manage to make it up the drive, but I think I have to run the snowblower before I leave tomorrow. Look at where the snow is on the wheel. That's how deep it is.

deep snow

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Lin said...

Wow! You got a LOT of snow! We only have a dusting, but I'll take it. I really miss winter sports like sledding and ice skating when it's a warm winter like we are having. Do you have snowshoes, Sharkey? I think I would like some snowshoes someday.

Ann said...

Standing on cement floors all day long can be a killer.
We have a ton of snow here too. My driveway is slowly closing in at the end

Pinto Peanut said...

This is lots of snow on the car. Nothing have to do. Nice post.

RNSANE said...

Winter is a tough time when you have to get out and drive in the snow. Thankfully, the hills of San Francisco aren't graced with the lovely white stuck. Can you imagine what that would be like?

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