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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starting the Freezer Project with Step 3

We started emptying the pantry shelves today so that the old freezer can be removed. This is the contents of three shelves. Of course the mice have been running all over everything, so it all had to be washed. We also cleared the floor and did some measuring to determine what else would have to be moved.

One set of metal shelves with all my camping gear on them will have to be shuffled. That won't be as bad as it sounds because most of that is in boxes or tubs.

I'm rambling about this because it doesn't look like nearly a big enough pile for all the time it took to get it cleaned and on the table.

canned goods

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vanilla said...

Yes, it does look that big, because such a task is an enormous undertaking. Good luck with the completion of the project.

Secondary Roads said...

As vanilla said, that represents a lot of work. Congrats on the hard work and best wishes for a most positive outcome.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I am not going to show the kids this blog as they will insist I do the same clear & clean the pantry, thankfully my freezer is in the out house. Good Luck - I know you will complete the task :)

Ann said...

well it looks like a pretty big job to me and had I done it all those jars, bottles and boxes would not be sitting there so neatly

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