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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ground Patterns

Today was a work day that ended with a ruined tire, and the need to acknowledge the truth that I need new tires. They will go on tomorrow, and for penance I have to leave at 7:30 to get to the tire place.

However, I loved some of the patterns the frozen ground and dusting of snow made.

frozen leaves

snow on grass

And tomorrow, I will love having new tires. One of these has been noisy since I bought it. Seriously noisy. I will be really glad to have that gone. And driving all these icy back roads will be better.

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Secondary Roads said...

The patterns are very interesting. The tires are a blow to the budget, but a good thing for your personal safety and well being. Don't forget that last part!

Ann said...

I like the ground patterns. Buying tires is not fun. I hate spending all that money on something that isn't fun :)

eileeninmd said...

The patterns are and snow are pretty. I have owned some tires that seemed to be so much louder, I was not sure why. Thanks for the visit and commenting. Have a great evening!

Jackie said...

The ground patterns are lovely. We found some ancient ledge the other day simply filled with shells.

I was already thinking about using them for a post tomorrow and this encourages me to do so.

I don't like buying tires either. Does anyone? But it is one of those things we can't avoid!

vanilla said...

Some people never really give them a thought, but I think new tires are exciting and I am happy for your new acquisition.

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