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Monday, January 14, 2013

Refrigerator Soup, Deluxe

Do you fix refrigerator soup? You know, the soup you make by cleaning out all the appropriate veggies (and maybe meat) in the fridge?

I did that today, but I "cheated" to make it a) better, and b) more of it to last longer.


From the refrigerator or pantry:
part of a bunch of celery that had to be pretty carefully trimmed
1 big onion
2 potatoes
4 hairy carrots
some wrinkled mushrooms
2 cups chunky barbeque sauce from the Christmas pork chops

From the freezer:
2 small packs of asparagus, but one was TOO freezer burned and got dumped
the tag end of a bag of peas

From the discount table at the store:
2 green peppers
some green beans

On sale at the store:
3/4 pound of hamburg- the smallest package I could find

Not on sale at the store:
I splurged on one item just to make it extra yummy- a bunch of kale

Put together in the right order equals enough Refrigerator Soup to feed me for more than a week. Hooray!

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D.G. Hudson said...

Yes, I have made something similar. I usually try to keep chicken broth or beef broth around so it's an easy start.

That's a good looking soup you've made, judging by the photo.

Secondary Roads said...

That soup look . . . good. Good enough to . . . eat. Yum yum!

john bain said...

That does look good. I just had a look in my fridge for leftovers. I very soft tomato!

Jackie said...

Oh yes I have done this but not lately. I don't cook much when Walter's away.

Your soup looks and sounds yummy!! I'll take a bowl if you'll just cyber me some over!!:-)

Ann said...

I've done this in casserole form but never soup. It sure does look good

Sharkbytes said...

Hi DG- This time I just let the BBQ sauce and some water be the stock.

Chuck- sometimes it's just edible and economical. This time it's good.

John- that would be a start, but I think it needs something more...

Jackie- Just zap it right off the page!

Ann- I never thought of doing a casserole.

Unknown said...

I did that for lunch today Joan, and added a can of cream of leek and potato soup along with some rocket leaves right at the end. I used up half a leek, a carrot, potato and onion and made some stock with chicken oxo. It was delicious and warming with some tiger loaf bread and lashings of (naughty) butter.

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