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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Playing with Old Buildings

As a kid, one of the things I loved was to poke around old buildings. Usually ones that were totally unsafe, but, hey... that was half the fun.

My playing today was only of the digital kind. I took pix of two buildings, made them black and white, and then tried three effects on each to make sets that were something alike. It was interesting that the same strength of effect on the two different buildings didn't result in matching looks. I fooled with that a bit to try to make them more alike. Just enjoy.

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They are a shed and an old school. The pencil effect doesn't look good at this size, so you really need to click on them to see a larger size.

shed in winter

school in winter

shed in winter

school in winter

shed in winter

school in winter

Back to the newspaper mail room tomorrow!

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Jackie said...

I love old buildings too. My favorites are churches and barns.

I lost a ton of photos on my old hard drive that went out. I hope to be able to save them.

You did a great job on these photos. I love to see different effects applied!!

Have a good one and your poll is hilarious!! I love it!!:-)

John said...

I used to love exploring old building as a kid. I'd probably get arrested if I tried now :-( I wish I'd taken a few photos...

Secondary Roads said...

It's fun to "play" with photos, isn't it? I like what you did with yours. Makes feel like I've crawled into a time machine and gone back to a different era.

Ann said...

I find old buildings very interesting. I also enjoy seeing how you edited the pictures. I love the texture in the last two.

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