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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Commenters are Popping!

Despite the demise of Entrecard and Adgitize, I'm quite pleased to discover that comments are still popping. Although there were a clear top five, there were 26 different people who left comments, and 177 total comments (not mine) in December.

I was also pleased to learn today that this relic still works! The popcorn was a little stale, but hey! When you get in the mood, you just settle for what's available.

hot air popcorn popper

Here are the top five commenters for December. They are familiar visitors, but they could be deposed month to month, so your blog could be linked next month with a 125x125 image.

Ann's Snap & Edit (Ann- 31 comments)- Ann is a long-time reader. We have a mutual admiration society going with crafts and loving our pooches.
Secondary Roads (Chuck- 25 comments)- Chuck has arthritis in his wrists, but he managed to share his thoughts almost every day.
String Too Short to Tie (David (vanilla)- 17 comments)- he's another of the bloggers I got to meet last August.
Carmen's Chronicles (Carmen- 16 comments)- Carmen shares beautiful photos of San Francisco or India... wherever she happens to be.
Duck & Wheel with String (Lin- 13 comments)- Did you miss the Pope, or the hobos for Christmas? Better go look.

The banner in the sidebar for a month is a way I can say thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thank you, yet again. If any of you winners wants a different image, just zap me one.

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vanilla said...

Hey, I have the twin to that popper! I used to use it a lot, but I've had to pretty much give up on popcorn. :-(
Thanks for the link and sidebar. I'm probably way ahead with the outdated picture-- ravages of time, don't you know?

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for the linky love!

We used a triplet (see Vanilla's comment) to that popper until it fell apart.

Jackie said...

I love the popper. But we never had one. Mama just always popped it on the stove.

Congratulations to all the top talkers. It's such a nice thing to away linky love.

I try to add every blog I like to my list. I also decided to start highlighting a different blog every week or two.

You had some very good winners and I am very happy for them.

Oh no now I want popcorn too. I just left Chuck's craving cake and now I'm craving popcorn.

Odd lunch for me? Happy day!:-)

Ann said...

Thanks for the link and ad. Much appreciated.
I used to have one of those poppers years ago. Can't remember whatever happened to it.

Lin said...

Hey! thanks for the link! :) I didn't realize that I had commented enough to make the sidebar! Wowie!! December is such a busy month---I'm lucky to have posted.

I love the smell of popcorn. Nothing better when it is freshly made...nothing worse when it is burnt. Ugh!

Sharkbytes said...

Interesting that so many of you used to have that same popper! Jackie- you were really close to making the list.

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