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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vocabulary Day- Jan 2013

vocabulary dayI've read several books this month, two of which have outdated or botanical words that aren't in modern use at all. I'm not even putting those in the list for you. However, one word that was used twice in Travels in West Africa seemed pretty straightforward, but I can't find a definition even online. It is "ibet," as in "...unboiled water being my ibet." Downfall? Limit of tolerance? Dang! I like that word. I vote for resurrecting it. You can read free if you follow the link. It was written in 1897 and it's hilarious. (But Om says you have to have had adventures go bad to appreciate the humor).

Anyway- take some guesses, leave some daffynitions, enjoy some words that were either new or rediscovered by me this month.

1. parlous
a. worthy of discussion
b. perilous
c. a type of knitting
d. divisive

2. condign
a. deserved
b. assign
c. allow
d. a standard

3. redound
a. to carry, such as a noise
b. elasticity
c. a red dog from the West End of London
d. to have an effect or consequence

4. atelier
a. a workshop or studio
b. a shopkeeper or hawker
c. trees trained in a pattern of growth
d. a maker of fine suits

5. etiolated
a. peeled
b. pale
c. pickled
d. painted

6. pleached
a. bleached
b. pleated
c. beaten
d. woven

7. gralloch
a. strangle
b. grill
c. disembowel
d. a mountain lake

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Jackie said...

These are all great words Joan. I find them interesting.

I am curious if the word 'ibet' has anything to do with us Americans using the phrase...I bet you can't or can do that'?

I hope you have a great week. I have missed you!

Happy Monday!

Secondary Roads said...

Deep research (aka an Internet search) shows the true [unlisted] meanings for your word list. I humbly submit the following.

1. par lous -- Par for anyone named Lou.

2. con dign -- This Latin word describes what incarcerated inmates do in the prison mess hall.

3. redo und -- To try one another time.

4. ate lier -- What the tiger did to the prevaricator.

5. et iola ted -- [That monster] ate a village in Waupaca County, Wisconsin Ted!

6. pleached -- What the minister did from the purpit.

7. gral loch -- A lake in northern Scotland that was discovered by a Ferengi businessman from the 24th century.

Thanks for introducing us, your readers, to these interesting words and phrases.

RNSANE said...

I'm glad you explained all these in the next post.