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Monday, December 19, 2016

Dashing Through the Snow

No perfect unbroken snow at my house! The side yard was a thoroughfare. At least five (rein?)deer made their way across in the early hours.

deer tracks

Seems like an appropriate picture to go with Jingle Bells, as sung by the West Shore Choir, yesterday.

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Karen and Gerard said...

Nice video! I never heard Jingle Bells sung like this, but it's very nice! Think it's cool you have so many deer running through your snow!

Secondary Roads said...

I enjoy seeing tracks in snow. It reminds me that we are surrounded by life. Yesterday I was surprised to see cat tracks in the driveway. There was no surprise in seeing tiny deer tracks just a few feet away.

Ann said...

Your yard was a busy place

Lin said...

No deer, but I had cat tracks like Chuck. I was wondering what poor little soul was out in the cold.