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Friday, December 2, 2016

Sparkle in the Park

On the way home last night, Ramona swung through Sparkle in the Park in Bear Lake. This is a very small town that decorates the entire park with lights every Christmas.

Christmas lights

But this is, to my way of thinking, exactly what small town life is all about. Instead of some huge corporate light display that is supposed to knock your socks off, this is a community involvement project.

Christmas lights

The village does some of the edgings, but the park is divided into sections and various businesses and organizations each decorate one. The bright gold and white lights kind of "blew out" in the camera, but it sure was colorful.

Of course, I was partial to the one with the tent, by the Boy Scout Troop.

Christmas lights

One that was quite simple, but very effective was the sleigh and reindeer out on a point of land, reflecting in the water.

Christmas lights

People in town come to see how their friends, family and colleagues decorated their spaces. People driving by on the highway can enjoy it (the park is very visible from US 31), and those who wish to can drive through and take a closer look.

Small town fun at its best.

See Yellow, Red, Orange for a view in winter near where the reindeer lights are
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Small towns are the best and some of them really know how to do it up big. I like these, especially that last one

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