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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Friends and Bells

Once again, I went to the Manistee Methodist Church to hear my friends Dave and Loren play in their handbell choir. Yes, these are hiking friends, but we have some other things in common too. This is one of them. Actually, they are the ones who got me interested in playing bells.

We clean up pretty good, eh?


It takes two pictures, but here is their choir just getting ready to play (handbells still on the table). They did a medley of Infant Holy, Infant Lowly and Lu-lay the Little Tiny Child.

Manistee United Methodist handbell choir

Manistee United Methodist handbell choir

I know I take a picture of this window every year, but it sure is beautiful. And this year, the tree is right back in the corner. It almost looks like part of the window.

Manistee United Methodist stained glass window

Here's their advent banner.

Manistee United Methodist Christmas banner

A very nice morning. It stretched until about 2 pm, because we talked afterwards and the roads were terrible making the drive slow.

In other news... it's this season again.


By the time I ate something, got gas for the beast, did the driveway and a few odd jobs... well... running the snowblower was my exercise for the day. It sure gets dark early!

See Dave & Loren Play Bells 2014
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The Furry Gnome said...

Yes, you do clean up nice! It'll be a snowblower day here too.

Lin said...

Did you play this year?

You go straight from the mower to the blower! :)

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