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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Handbells at St. Joseph's

Tonight was the combined concerts of the West Shore Choir and the handbell choir I play in.

The choir sang beautifully. We did OK.

The church we perform in most years is beautiful, Old World-ish, and has fantastic acoustics.

St Joe's Church

The choir sings from the balcony.

St Joe's Church

For Ave Marie, some of the choir came down front and the soloist stayed in the back.

St Joe's Church

I have some video that's not great, but I might just do the audio tomorrow. Not now. Have to go to bed.

My tripod has gone missing, so I asked a friend to record our songs. They obliged but focused heavily on me. It was instructive. In my efforts to not look like a complete grump while playing (from concentrating) I only managed to look either surly or frightened. I'm not sure which, but neither option projects happiness. I'll have to work on that.

In other news, the sky was blue, the air cold and the skiing was great. My tracks did last so I had "groomed" trail. I did a loop and a half.

blue sky

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Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful! Indoor and out.

Ann said...

What a beautiful church

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