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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Tree- Small but Beautiful

This year, we had the smallest Christmas tree ever (except for a live one in a pot once). Omer's thing has always been to have a huge tree. In the old house we were able to have an 18 foot tree at the end of the living room. Those were an annual production of wrestling and wiring it into place, followed by a tree-trimming party and over 300 ornaments.

He'd still like to have as big a tree as possible, although the ceiling now limits us to 12 feet. That said, this year he got one very cheaply at about 7 feet. Works for me.

I have to say that it was very strange, though. It came bundled, so we leveled the cut on the bottom and I single-handedly carried it to the stand and plopped it in place!

bundled Christmas Tree

Sure looked like it might be a dogbone again, even after untying and spreading.

Christmas Tree

But look what happened! Omer is great with getting the lights on just right.

Christmas Tree

I think it's one of our nicest ever.

We went to see Rogue One today. Classic Star Wars fun, and a good addition to the episodes.

In other news, Omer said the storm last night woke him up and was almost frightening. "What storm? I asked. Guess I slept well! It has remained really windy all day with major snow melting. But we are supposed to get more before the end of the week.

Tomorrow it's back to work.

See The Dogbone Tree
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Ann said...

That is a pretty tree. It's been a long time since I've had a real tree. I miss the scent of a live one but I like the convenience of having my artificial one already pre-strung with lights.
It was really windy here yesterday and the temperature got up to 60. Thankfully that melted all the ice out of the driveway. The forecast says snow on Thursday here

Secondary Roads said...

For the last few years, our "tree" is the ceramic model that Sylvia's mother made many years ago. Like you, we had strong winds here yesterday. Made us glad to have the new windows installed.