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Friday, December 9, 2016

Diggy's Adventure- My Newest Game Addiction

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I like some computer games. Especially puzzle games.

I'm in real trouble now, because I've found one that just keeps going pretty much forever (although I guess there are some players who have reached the end of the available content).

It's called Diggy's Adventure, and it was created by the same company that does Train Station, my other favorite game.

Basically, Diggy is a little guy who removes sand, dirt, rocks, etc and completes quests to advance through the game. There are hundreds of regular levels, but there are also lots of special events which keep things interesting. Right now, the Christmas event is in full swing.

Diggy's Adventure

I can't even begin to show you the variety of location and quests. Just a few samples.

This is a temple in ancient Egypt.

Diggy's Adventure

This one was called Jumping Jungle, and Diggy had to come back with a pet monkey for a guy in the town.

Diggy's Adventure

Sometimes there are objects to be moved. Lots of times patterned stones like the ones you can see in the temple have to be placed in the correct locations to unlock gates.

This one was nifty. You had to move the reflectors to aim the colored light beams which would energize the laser. Then you fired the laser to blast through the mountain.

Diggy's Adventure

In this one you had to uncover an old water basin and detonate some dynamite to blast a channel from the river to fill it.

Diggy's Adventure

Then you had to repair the pipeline.

Diggy's Adventure

Finally, you turned the valve and the water could flow through.

Diggy's Adventure

The special events usually have a story line, and a few of them have been exceptionally interesting- more than just "go get this" or "find this person."

Not a strongly edifying activity, but it sure is fun.

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Ann said...

looks like a fun game. About the only game I play on the computer any more is solitaire

Secondary Roads said...

I used to enjoy quest games--a lot! It started with Zork series, which I did with my sons. (I tried to keep up.) These days, it's solitaire or mine sweeper on my computer or Sudoku on my tablet (Nook).

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