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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shapes of Trees II

One of the good things about the winter season is that you can really see the shapes of trees when the leaves are gone. If the tree has grown in the open, so that its spread is unrestricted, the shape can be part of the way you identify the tree.

Here are a few from my kingdom.

A very old and unpruned apple tree. It bore a lot of apples this year. I made cider.

apple tree

A sugar maple on the hill to my east. It's not actually on my property, but my "trail" walks beneath it. I have permission to walk there. Unfortunately, it and several other maples are getting very old and are losing big branches in storms. Its years are numbered.

sugar maple tree

The big wild black cherry by the railroad tracks. It's never borne a cherry that I've noticed, but it's attractive.

black cherry tree

Quaking aspen also near the tracks. You've seen this clump before in Just WOW in Blue and White, for one instance.

quaking aspen trees

And on the swing around to return to the house, Staghorn Sumac.

staghorn sumac trees

Do you like to look at the shapes of trees? Maybe you never thought about how different they can be from each other.

When I was maybe in junior high I was trying to draw bare trees. I complained to my mother that I wasn't happy with the picture because the trees looked like stalks of celery. She said, "So what? Some trees look like celery."

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Ann said...

Not only do I notice the shapes of trees but I've also liked the way the bare branches look against the sky. It always makes me think of lace work. Your mother gave you a very wise answer.

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice perspective. I've noticed that too, and might try some shots like that.

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