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Saturday, June 1, 2019

More from Yesterday and Today's Hikes

Today, I led a hike for the Michigan Outdoor Writer's Association. Two people joined me on that adventure. We had a great time, and the rain held off until just after we finished. How's that for good delivery?!


Just since Thursday, the pink lady's slipper orchids have exploded into bloom. Here Andy is taking a picture of one of them. But I think we saw at least 50 in bloom, and a lot more leaves.

man taking picture of a plant

Now here's a very cool thing. This has to be something like the sixth time I've hiked this section of trail along Hodenpyl Dam Pond, but it's the first time I've realized what hill can be seen across the water. I'm quite certain this is Briar Hill, the highest point in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. See link below for that adventure. It's a really nice view of that bubble of hills.

Briar Hill

There were probably a dozen kinds of sedge in flower, not all of which I recognize. I need a portable lab and a week! This one, however, is Carex comosa.

carex comosa

Now we'll flip back to yesterday.

This is just another nice view of the Manistee River. The trail is on high bluffs along the river for several miles.

Manistee River

I saw several more ferns as well. This was a nice patch of Oak Fern, Gymnocarpium dryopteris. It looks like a very short bracken fern-- only about three inches tall.

oak fern

The sporangia (spore cases) are beginning to develop on the underside. See the little dots? I'm always happy when I can actually get a picture of that.

oak fern sporangia

So, the reception is going to start soon (followed by dinner and the program), and I need to pick up my junk and take it out to the car. I spent a quiet afternoon working on my computer at an area that is set up just for such purposes. (At Crystal Mountain Resort).

Nice day. I'm posting early today so I'm not too tired to post later. Besides, I'm driving home tonight after the program, so it would be really late.

Today- North Country Trail from Hodenpyl Dam to Fletcher Creek Campground, 5.5 miles, Wexford County, MI
Yesterday- North Country Trail from Fletcher Creek to M37 and back, 12 miles total, Wexford County, MI

See Briar Hill
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Have a safe trip home

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