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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Concert at St. Joseph's 2019

This was the annual concert at St. Joseph's church in Hart, with the West Shore Choir and the handbell choir. Here's a picture in which you can actually see that I'm playing. Hint: I'm the short one with a red scarf.

handbell choir

Once again, let me say that this is a beautiful venue with great acoustics.

St. Joseph's church

St. Joseph's church

St. Joseph's church

Om went with me, and that was fun. The choir was great. We didn't do so well on the bells. Quite a few bad mistakes. I'm not sure what all that was about, but sometimes it happens.

Anyway, we just got home, so I'm crashing soon.

In other news: I worked on North Country Quest pretty much all day.

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Ann said...

That church reminds me of one that is down the stree from me.

vanilla said...

Two thumbs up on an evening like that!