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Friday, December 27, 2019

Greed, Gluttony, and Sloth

Today was largely a non-starter. Well, OK, I did manage to write a little bit in the morning, but after that my brain totally shut down. Of the last 12 nights, I have alternately slept and not slept. Today that all caught up with me. All I managed in the afternoon was to read a little for entertainment. So much for the sloth part.

And, I ate- possibly not too much- but the wrong things. Three of those sleepless nights were due to unhappy tummy from eating too much or too late. (Two were due to hyped-up brain that wanted to wrestle with projects and plans- and so I did just that). Last night... no idea why I couldn't sleep. Have I now created an every-other-night habit? I sure hope not. Gluttony. No more food today for sure.

Greed. OK, I'm just making it work with the deadly sins theme because I haven't yet shown you my Christmas loot. But, still, it's a nice pile.

From Omer, I got a better reading lamp, which I requested. Hooray! I can see so much better. And it fits with our vintage furniture pretty well.

floor lamp

Steve asked what else I wanted, and this was my choice. An air compressor. We now have two cars, the trailer, a snowblower and lawn tractor. It's really hard to keep all those tires up to pressure without powered aid. I am happy.

air compressor

Loretta sent me some cuties with my trailer theme: coasters, a little towel, and a key cover. Fun

gifts with travel trailer theme

Josh brought us a nice fruit basket, and Om also gave me a little cash which I will put toward camping equipment.

The only other news is that I'm going to bed early. This should be a night to sleep. Hope to wake full of energy and motivation tomorrow.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

The not sleeping every other night could get old real fast. I think a lot of us ate the wrong things over Christmas. Not only did I eat the wrong things but I did eat too much.
I like that lamp and the compressor is a great gift. Wade bought one several years ago and I've used it several times.