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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gray and Brown

You know gray and brown are not my favorite outdoor colors, but at least I'm finding them in new places today. It was still light as I was driving home from the vendor event, so I stopped to take a few pictures.

The snow on the trees is still from the storm a week ago. That snow was wet and heavy and it has never melted or fallen off the branches in all those days. Every branch is outlined in white, and the oaks are hanging on to their rusty leaves.

snow on branches

I pulled into the public access for Brooks Lake to take a look. I've never been there before. The view from that spot isn't too picturesque, although you could say it is a study in shades of gray. Yes, this is a color photo.

Brooks Lake

I think the best is a flooded wetland area beside M-37. Here's a long shot.

frozen wetland

And a bit closer in. I at least like the various shapes and textures.

frozen wetland

I did pretty well at the event today. They had lower traffic than expected, and many people did not sell very much, so I'm glad to report decent sales. However, I didn't sleep well last night, and had to get up early, so I'm probably crashing with a book very soon.

See Johnson Road Wetland
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I really like how the branches of the trees are outlined with the snow in that first picture. They all look very cold.
Glad to hear you did well at the vendor event