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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Orange Doors

I've wanted to show this on the blog for years. I finally stopped and took pictures.

This is fun on many levels. In the first place, it's a wall that hides a junk yard. Secondly, it's made from old steel doors, so it's a great upcycling project.

doors made into a wall

And it's rusted and weathered to the point where it has become almost a work of art. I always enjoy looking at it as I drive past.

doors made into a wall

On US 10, just west of MI-37.

In other news: Well, I worked on the book in the morning, but then I had to make yogurt, do a bunch of small odd tasks, errands, and then bell choir practice and writer's group. Long day. All good. I got through the entire list. Received a stunning review on Accidentally Yours, the collection of my short writings. I'll finish the formatting for that in the next few days, and then it will be available for purchase.

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Ann said...

What a neat wall that is. Great way to use up those old doors too.

Secondary Roads said...

Love those delicate shades and tones in the reddish hue.