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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas Tree

I already did a post from my author blog today, and that was the primary news. I'll keep it simple here. The Christmas tree. Omer always does a great job with the lights.

Christmas Tree
I've spent the entire day on books. Writing in NCQ this morning, formatting the collection this afternoon, and the eBook of Accidentally Yours is live. Woohoo! Working on the cover for the print edition. My brain is fried, my back is stiff from sitting still, my tummy is unhappy from feeding my frustrations with too many cookies. Nevertheless, I'm not sure I can stop. We'll see if I give up for tonight and relax, or if I'm compelled to keep working. One thing is clear. I need to take time to get more exercise soon. Way too much sitting, of late.

alt text
You can find Accidentally Yours at Amazon and Smashwords.

See It's Starting Way Early Here


Ann said...

The tree looks great. I always hated putting the lights on. The advantage to my fake tree is it's pre-lit.

Lin said...

WOW! Send Omer over here, will ya? I always hate the lights part. I don't know why, but we bought an extra large tree this year. I think we are going to tackle that this weekend.