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Monday, December 23, 2019

Five Miles with Cathy


I was hoping Cathy might be free to do a fast road walk this afternoon, and she was! This was great, because it makes the pavement miles seem to go much faster. You aren't thinking about your feet when you are visiting.


And I got to see some miles I don't walk as often because we went out from her house instead of mine.

I've showed you wild clematis seeds (Old Man's Beard) before, but not for a long time, so I guess you won't be tired of it.

wild clematis seeds

Next mile had a couple of handsome horses.


The geese were moving and honking overhead. Not sure if these are some late migrators or just a local bunch that stays.

V of geese

We didn't start walking till 4 pm, so it was getting on toward dark when we finished. I like the sun on the trees.

tree branches in sun

Same time as yesterday- 90 min for 5 miles, which is 18 minutes a mile. Not bad. It's a real treat to have these relatively mild days in December. I'm happy to get limbered up. Too much sitting this month.

In other news: I wrote in the morning and did more formatting in the afternoon. Went to the grocery store after we walked. Hopefully that is that last shopping before Christmas. You may remember that we pretty much celebrated at Thanksgiving when Steve was home. However, we got stuff for a nice meal on Wednesday, and have some activities tomorrow night. All will be calm, and that is FINE with me.

See Singin' Between the Rains


John Sealander said...

You're faster than me. It's rare that I do better than 19 or 20 minutes a mile...

Ann said...

LOL, for me a 5 mile walk wouldn't be a fast road walk.