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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Jumping Spider 2

Here's another visitor to my bedroom. I decided to gently move him/her elsewhere. It's a different kind of jumping spider, although it's hard to be sure which one. It's possibly Hentzia mitrada, but I'm not sticking my neck out with a definite ID. I know this picture isn't focused very well. Sorry.

jumping spider

This time, however, I almost got a decent picture of its face.

jumping spider

And a little closer. It's almost cute.

jumping spider

In other news: the vendor event today was pretty good. I didn't do nearly as well as last year, but it was worth it. However, I'm pooped. I thought about taking a walk when it was over, but it was starting to rain. And that was turning to ice just as I got home, so I'm glad I just drove home.

See Bold Jumping Spider
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