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Monday, December 30, 2019

Winter and Winter Cobbler

If I make banana bread tomorrow we can officially say that we have not wasted any of the fruit in that huge fruit basket Josh gave us. We gave him some to take home, and Dave helped eat a bit of it yesterday. Today, I made the winter cobbler we like so much. It's really hard to not overeat when we make this. It's really, really good, and not hugely overloaded with sugar. Even so, it's not free calories. I think the first time I ever made it we ate the whole pan in one sitting. Not too many foods we both like so much.

Winter cobbler

The return of winter is the other hot or cold topic. The snow began around noon.


This was all we'd gotten by dark. Not much. We'll see if the night produces anything significant.


In other news: I wrote all morning and did editing and formatting all afternoon. I'm fighting a sore throat. So far not much of a big deal, but I'm hoping to keep it that way.

See Winter Cobbler

1 comment:

Ann said...

The cobbler looks really good.
I didn't see any snow yesterday but we did get a very small dusting over night.