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Monday, December 9, 2019


The alternate title for this post is "Too Much Sitting." I have been doing an awful lot of sitting still and working on the book. Working on the book is a good thing, but my body said, "move." So I did my 3-mile roadwalk in the fog.

I do love the way fog separates the landscape into layers. This is the little pond on the bypass.

pond in the fog

Dark trees stand out from the soft background.

trees in the fog

More trees. The dark one is a black willow. Not long after I took this picture the fog turned into actual rain, so I had to tuck the camera away for the rest of the walk. But these were the best scenes anyway. I could get more interesting pictures (or at least different ones) if I were willing to drive somewhere to walk, but it's so inexpensive free to just walk out the door.

trees in the fog

In other news: I wrote and edited and formatted all day long. Tomorrow, I have things to do. There won't be as much book working.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

At least your body tells you to move. Mine encourages me to lounge. I always like the way things look in the fog. It rained most of the day here yesterday

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