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Thursday, August 20, 2020

R & GV Rail Club

  That would be the Rochester and Genesee Vally Rail Club, where Irene is a member. Tonight was their monthly meeting, and I was allowed to attend as her guest. I have been there once before, and can't believe I didn't blog about it. Anyway...

They have a Lehigh Valley engine. The Lehigh Valley is my favorite line of all; it's the one that ran through our farm when I was a kid. This is just like the engine of the last LV train to pass down that line, only that was engine #214. Lehigh Valley Engine Just to be consistent and show you their other LV cars, here is a boxcar. Lehigh Valley Boxcar And an LV caboose they are restoring in their shop. Lehigh Valley caboose Right now, the club's pride and joy is this caboose from the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Line. It is the only remaining piece of rolling stock left from that line. They just finished restoring it, and it will be used for a public event this coming Sunday when it will be carrying passengers for the first time ever. Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh caboose Here's the interior. Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh caboose They have several other very nice cars. I want to show you one more, but it's too much for one day. Hope there is a slow "news" day sometime.

I spent today working on that report about Huckleberry Bog, and took the dog for a walk as well. Tomorrow, I'm moving on. 


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1 comment:

Ann said...

They did a nice job on that caboose. The inside is not what I expected. I don't know what I thought it would look like but it wasn't that :)

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