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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Finishing Calhoun County

  Another 8 mile day, but it was really easy. I finished Calhoun County and did just a little of Kalamazoo County. From where I started, the first thing I did was to cross the Kalamazoo River. Kalamazoo River A lot of the western part of the Battle Creek Linear Pathway isn't terribly scenic, but it's level and fast walking. Still much better than roadwalks. urban trail One little tilt of the head and no more traffic or industry, just the beauty of a blue and white sky. clouds in a blue sky On the corner of the road where the trail leaves the Pathway is this lovely planter built into a sign. I enjoy this kind of scenery as much as the fully natural features. Both have merit. large planter A little north from there, the trail goes onto the propery of the Fort Custer National Cemetery. This is a real privilege, to be allowed on the property. It also gives the trail 3 miles of lovely walking through woods and freshwater marshes. freshwater marsh You know I'm a sucker for interesting patterns on the water. pattern in water surface Tomorrow, I really have to go home. Sigh. I'm sure I'll live. Lots of projects awaiting me there! I'll have the Calhoun County Data Book on line in a couple of days.

Total NCT miles hiked 2020: 234

North Country Trail from Bedford Road in Battle Creek to Augusta, Michigan. 8 miles
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Ann said...

very nice. safe travels home

Secondary Roads said...

Love that patterns on the water pic.

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