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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Truth is Stranger

  Today I was hiking a section of the North Country Trail. I was on a small piece of sidewalk that connects a couple of prettier segments. A woman came up to me and asked my name. Well! It turns out that she is Gail "Chosen" Lowe, who has hiked the entire North Country Trail. This is still a pretty small group (only 19 people). She thought she recognized me. It took me a minute to recognize her. We hadn't actually met before, and last I knew she did not live in Battle Creek, so I was very surprised. She picked me up at the end of my hike to take me back to my car, and also treated me to dessert and a cold drink. Trail magic! Gail Lowe and Joan Young The temperatures today were wonderful, and most of the trail was lovely. I started where I ended on Thursday, at the Ott Biological Preserve. trail at Ott Biological Preserve Next was a bit more on the Calhoun County Trailway, where a four-legged hiker was sharing the space with me. cat on a gravel trail Then the short sidewalk connection, including a bridge over the rail yard of the Canadian National line. That is where Gail spotted me. Canadian National railroad Very shortly after that the trail joins the Battle Creek Linear Pathway which winds through the city along the Kalamazoo River. Except that it's a lot of miles of pavement, this is mostly a beautiful walk. Battle Creek Linear Pathway One really neat sculpture commemorates the Underground Railroad. On one side of the wall are the people walking away from the south toward freedom. Underground Railroad sculpture As they are passing through the "secret" door, they enter the north and meet those who will help them along the way. Underground Railroad sculpture Gail is going to spot me again tomorrow, so I'll not only be able to finish Calhoun County, but I'll get a start on Kalamazoo County.

Total NCT miles hiked in 2020: 226

North Country Trail, Ott Biological Preserve to Battle Creek Bedford Road parking, 8 miles
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Circling & Wondering said...

Great report Joan. For some reason it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R.Tolkien

Ann said...

Well it really is a small world after all. Cool that you met Gail on the trail.
That sculpture is really amazing.

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