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Friday, August 14, 2020

Make That 100, Please!

  Last night, Marie and I made a list of all the hiking we've done in our time together this summer. It added up to at least 92.4 miles. We couldn't NOT do eight more miles to make 100. And it turned out that if we did all the remaining trails in the park, we would make that total. We'd previously done the Black and Green loops, and the ADA trail. The orange-blazed Bristol Branch also goes through the park, which we did first. Today we did the Yellow, Brown, Purple, and Red trails. Ontario County Park Trail None was as challenging as the Black trail, although there was still a decent amount of elevation change on the Brown and Red trails.

We found a couple of really nice painted rocks. Some people consider this a violation of the Leave No Trace ethic. But this is a heavily used place, not a backcountry area, and it made us smile. rock painted Don't Worry be happy Loved this old oak, even though it's mostly dead. This is actually one of a long line of oaks that grew up in the open (spreading branches). They were probably a fencerow lining a farm lane at one time.

large oak
We were more than glad to have cold drinks when we finished. Selfies are goofy, but we wanted a picture of us together. And we got our 100 miles for this trip. There's no rule about this, but we usually have done something near 100, and both of us just wanted to make it. friends Went to Wegmans for the final errands before parting. We took a short walk along Canandaigua Lake, which is one of the large Finger Lakes. It was a perfect day for water sports, and the kayakers, paddle boarders, boaters, etc were out in profusion. Canandaigua Lake Best part as far as I'm concerned was this female common merganser. female common merganser Then Marie had to head toward home. I've moved with the trailer to friend Irene's yard. Pretty tired, and missing Marie already. See you tomorrow. 

See Ontario County Park

1 comment:

Ann said...

You two did great on reaching the 100 mile goal. Too bad your time together had to end so soon.

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