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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Bristol Hills Branch - West Hill

  Today we hiked another 6.1 miles. This wasn't a lot, but there was no place to spot a car that made a mileage more to our liking. We hiked over West Hill, just northwest of Naples, New York. In this picture, taken from the road before we began, West Hill is the one on the right. We crossed over it, through West Hill Nature Preserve, and then went down the other side, all the way to the bottom of the valley between the two hills. West Hill Naples NY We encountered this sign near the end of the day's hike, but we think it's a good way to start any hike. Peace of Mind sign A low spot was filled with Joe-Pye Weed in full bloom. Joe Pye Weed This beautiful, spreading oak tree grew up when the spot was open which allowed it to reach outward with its branches.
oak tree
We went down a short side trail marked as a scenic view on the map and found this lovely bench dedicated to Kathleen Bills Armstrong. It was a perfect lunch spot. Marie is looking at a wind chime that was hung in the tree. bench in the woods The view was across the Canandaigua Lake valley to High Tor. There is a trail that goes there, which we might also hike another day. High Tor Today's hike was basically up and then down one big hill. We ascended 400 feet and then descended 1200 feet. However, the hike wasn't terribly strenuous, because the trail is well-designed, so very little of it is so steep that you get winded. At the very end we crossed Naples Creek. Naples Creek The car was parked at the very bottom of the valley. valley Naples NY Although we would have been happy to hike a bit longer, it was also nice to come back to the trailer and play our game and have a leisurely dinner. The weather was perfect! We have planned a longer day for tomorrow.
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Ann said...

I love that sign. I would certainly go in the direction of peace of mind.

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