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Monday, August 31, 2020

It Was a Round Trip

  I spent the last few days enjoying the hospitality of good friends Chuck and Sylvia. We met through blogging, but have become real life buddies. They are pictured in front of their bountiful vegetable garden. I've base-camped there in their driveway while I've been hiking the rest of Calhoun County on the North Country Trail friends But now I am home- the circle to NY and back is complete. Sunny is parked in his spot. My backing-up skills have improved on this trip, and I got him in his appointed slot on the first try. You might notice that the back rack is gone. I had Dick remove it. No regrets, and it tows a little better for not having 100 pounds of useless metal on the back. The leak fixes all held- no water inside. I probably don't have time to do any more work on it this fall. Big home projects to get cracking on. However, I won't cover it just yet. Maybe I could sneak in a weekend trip somewhere. fiberglass trailer I got to have my favorite dinner, a big salad (with tomato from Chuck and Sylvia's garden). I'm airing out the house and working on unpacking. I haven't started going through the mail yet. salad Tonight I'm pretty motivated to work on the things I should be doing. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I've been gone almost 5 weeks. "They" say it feels good to come home, but I think I could have happily stayed on the road. Sunny is truly homey, and he's not even finished yet. Life is much simpler when there are only a couple hundred items in your entire space to deal with. Each one has a place, and if it's not in its place it's in the way. When I'm home the mess just explodes.
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Ann said...

It doesn't seem like it's been 5 weeks since you headed out. Time flies. The salad looks pretty good

Lin said...

So nice that you have Sunny and you have fixed him up properly. What a nice little home on the road! Nice to see Chuck and Sylvia too. Such good people.

The Furry Gnome said...

Really enjoyed following along on your trip.

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