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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Bristol Branch - More Italy Hill

  Today was flatter than the previous days, but it was challenging enough. We started out with a 300 foot downhill on a roadwalk with the distant hill ahead in the mist. I think we were on Italy Hill all day- following the ridge south. Dunn Road hill Although there was still plenty of forest walking, there were also rural spaces. I had to take a picture of this really old tractor. old tractor The Finger Lakes Trail is fairly continuous, without too many road walks because they work hard at creating agreements with landowners to allow the trail passage, often along the edges of fields. edge of a field of corn This was our other big down and up of the day. We dropped another 200 feet on this road, and then climbed back up again. Pulteney Road Marie was teasing me that I wasn't going to be able to live up to providing a premo lunch spot when we began looking for a place to sit to eat. What a laugh we had when a bench materialized in the woods! It was most welcome. bench in the woods The afternoon heated up a bit, and the humidity climbed. An unexpected steep hill was briefly daunting, but we arrived back at the car at 3 pm. We did 9.5 miles today, then came back "home" to Sunny and had potato chips and cold drinks! We saw another brown and gold garter snake, and a really dark (almost black) toad, but he didn't want his picture taken.

See Wood and Italy Hills

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Ann said...

Love that old tractor.

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