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Monday, August 10, 2020

Family Time

  We are camping only an hour from where one of Marie's brothers lives, so today we all got together and just had a quiet day with Steve and Karen. visiting in lawn chairs We hadn't as yet explored this campground very far from the trailer. So we all took a walk. I guess Marie was wanting to fly in. walkers There's a nice little pond, but no swimming allowed. pond The Joe-Pye Weed was a bright purple, somewhat unusual. It's usually a duskier pink Joe Pye Weed The views from the top of the park are pretty impressive. view across Canandaigua Lake Just one of those pictures one takes to show that we were there. We went out to dinner, and now Marie and I are going to play our game. Back on the trail tomorrow. friends

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Nice that you were able to get together with Maries brother. Sound like a good day.

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