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Thursday, November 18, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days 181-184 - Upper Kitchen Storage

  And finally, I get to cross off that BIG ITEM I've been teasing you with. The Kitchen Storage Cupboard is done.

At least for this second upper storage bin I did not have to rethink everything. Mostly I was able to duplicate the rear storage bin, with a couple of exceptions. For one thing, it's not as deep. If it were, anyone standing there trying to cook would hit their head. This one is also truncated on the right side because it butts up to the closet wall. storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Of course, it started with yet more of those annoying custom braces to be cut and fiberglassed in place. braces for a fiberglass trailer

But I did get them in the right place this time on the first try. braces in a fiberglass trailer

I cut the shelf (bottom) and fitted it to the grooved board my friend Jesse cut for me. Then cut the front. While these were being polyurethaned, I covered the trailer wall that will be inside the cupboard with green foam... insulating a storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

and white. Once again, I'm just showing you the funky shape of the foam piece. insulation for a storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

And like the main ceiling, this was fastened with the double sided butyl tape. So much easier and better than gluing. insulating a storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Of course, I was dry fitting everything multiple times before anything was fastened permanently. Once the polyurethane was dry, I could start putting the wood pieces together. builing astorage bin in a fiberglass trailer

And, then the unit went in the trailer. Still needs the doors added. The tape strips are to help me align those. (Ignore the big white stripe- I'm just continuing to work on insulation between other things.) storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

These doors were a tiny bit trickier to hang because we decided these should open upward, so when you are cooking, you can just reach up and grab something. Success! storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

If you missed the blow-by-blow with more detail, you can follow the link below for building the back storage unit. It was just over a month ago that I finished that one. Here are the two of them... back sleeping/eating area (with the ceiling now finished) and front kitchen area. storage bin in a fiberglass trailer storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

In other news: I did some odds and ends of small jobs in the morning. Mostly things that aren't even on the lists. But I was again working on things that count by 10 am. It was chilly and snowy out today. I worked inside the trailer with the little heater going. It does really well. I'm sure it will be even better when I finish the insulation.

One big item done and good hope for another one tomorrow. 21 BIG ITEMS to complete- (41 done). 40 small ones to do but of course I need to add more. (36 done). 12 days to go.

I'm trying really hard to finish the trailer enough that I can start packing it early and have some time to think about things as I do that. If I can't start that until the last minute, mistakes are sure to be made. If I have the big stuff done, I can do the mostly mindless small things in the final days.

See Upper Back Storage

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That looks fantastic.