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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rollin' in the Sunshine - Second 2021 Interior Tour

  What a beautiful ending to Sunny's final day of preparation for this trip. fiberglass trailer in the sunset

The cushions were all finished two days ago, and they look as nice as I had hoped. I bought that little rug at the last minute because the floor was so cold, and it helps a lot. Looks good too. The little heater keeps the interior nice and warm. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

If you are wondering what that funny wooden thing is on the floor, it's the piece that allows me to make the entire bench space into a bed. Here's what the whole space looks like made into a bed. A regular double-bed fitted sheet is perfect to unite the space into a sleeping area. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

Here's a view of the kitchen area again, with everything except the coffee pot, which I'll take out there in the morning. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

Monica says she's ready to play hooky and run off with me. (Sorry I caught her blinking.) person in a fiberglass trailer

Just a look at the table area from a different angle. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

The storage area of the kitchen. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

And finally, what we hope may be the solution to too many loose shoes on the floor. It's all fastened with Command Strips, so if it doesn't work, it can come down without damage. interior of a fiberglass trailer decorated in blue and yellow

Stacy came and helped me all afternoon, and then Monica came after work and helped for several more hours. I just have to go out and stow things in the trailer for travel, but that doesn't take long. With their help, all the extra details got taken care of, and things are put in their places. I spent ALL morning making a few phone calls and doing the last round of errands. This took until 1 pm! But I did get them all done.

And the list? I got the last 3 BIG ITEMS done. OK, so I dropped 5, but nevertheless, I have done 57 major projects (defined as needing more than one day to complete) in the past 75 days. Most of the little ones are done. I sort of quit counting. A few can go on the road with me. Not ideal, but workable. A few are just out of luck.

Teeny is packed, and as you may have seen on Facebook, weighs 28 pounds fully loaded with 5 days of food, and 1 day of water. I'm really happy about that. All my clothes for tomorrow are stacked up. The house is semi-restored... OK, there's just less chaos, but there is only 1 extra table set up in the living room instead of 4. That has to count for something, right? The dining room is hopeless, but it's been that way for 5 years... what's one more?

I need to decompress for a bit, stow the gear in Sunny for travel, and then take a shower before bed. I'll be on my way in the morning! Sunny is being delivered to his first stop on the next day. I haven't yet gotten my head around the magnitude of this. And remember... if I don't blog tomorrow, it only means I don't have any cell service. There are no cliffs for me to fall off of just yet!

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John Suk said...

Well, good luck. We leave for San Francisco w/ our stock 19" trailer next week (from Kingston, ON). But my, what a difference between your lovely redo and our rather pedestrian commodity of a trailer. Good luck on your walk. Enjoy!

Ann said...

The trailer looks fantastic. Best of luck to you on this adventure.

Joni said...

The trailer turned out so great didn't it?! You are a true inspiration to me Joan, you really are. I look forward to following your journey.

Sally Jo said...

Best of mornings, to you Joan! I really enjoy reading your blog and following your exciting life. I’m praying for your safety, endurance and enjoyment as you venture on with this amazing, well-planned journey. The evolution of your cute and functional trailer has been fun to watch.
Prayers also for all of your friends supporting you for the next year. Off you go….

Georgeanne said...

The best of luck. You are an amazing woman 😘

Marie Smith said...

Happy trails ahead! Take care!

The Furry Gnome said...

That looks TERRIFIC! I remember when you first got it. You've done an amazing, wonderful job of fixing it up. And you're all set for the giant adventure. GOOD LUCK!

Kathy said...

Your home away from home is adorable! Hope it provides comfort and protection each night! I also pray for your adventure to be all that you hope it to be! Enjoy!

Joan Hall Hovey said...

Your digs look amazing, Joan So cozy and lovely. I wish you wonderful adventures and great peace. All the best.

Lin said...

WOW! Just amazing transformation!

J.Q. Rose said...

You have turned that little camper into a palace on wheels. I'll be praying for you as you begin this amazing journey!

J Browndorf said...

Best wishes for a fantastic hike! You are an inspiration and I look forward to following your adventures. Love your little home on wheels.