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Saturday, November 27, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days189-191 - Closet

  This was the most difficult feature of this entire project to build in. But I had decided I wanted a little vertical closet beside the door. Frankly, I have wondered a couple of times what I was thinking! What a challenge. The doors aren't perfect, but they both work, so I'm going with it.
closet in a fiberglass trailer

The upper section has two little shelves.
closet in a fiberglass trailer
The lower section holds the laundry bag on a hook, and has a short broom (I learned this is called a lobby broom), and other cleaning supplies.
closet in a fiberglass trailer
The bottom front is high so the lower portion makes a "retaining wall" in case we want to throw shoes in there or something. For some reason, I had a really hard time getting the magnet in the right place for the catch, but I JUST NOW got it in the right place, and the glue had dried long enough to test it. It holds!
closet in a fiberglass trailer

Now look at the pictures again. I wanted both doors to swing open toward the trailer door so that if you were standing in the kitchen, you could just reach over and access the closet. Nope. Not enough room on my frame to mount the hinges, and not enough clearance to open the slanted door against the slanted ceiling. So one door goes one way and one goes the other. I had to remake the upper door once. They are not mounted in a straight line, and the grooves in the beadboard do not match. So be it. The only fix is to make a new front wall and decrease the size of the opening to get to the shelves. Not happening now. Maybe not ever. This is the last construction project for the trailer for this year.

In other news: I get to cross off two BIG ONES today. This and a personal thing that had to be done. I worked on accounts this morning, I sewed. I went to see the people I needed to in order to complete the other big project. They prayed for me and the hike. Very nice time. Also did 4 small things. 11 BIG ITEMS to complete or drop (51 done). 4 small items done that were on the list; tons more small ones to do (69 done). 3 days to go.

And now, back to the sewing machine. I think this is the last you'll see of the trailer until the final interior tour- probably Tuesday. Have you had fun? I have. I'm pretty happy with the looks... soon we'll see how it does on the road.

See Days 187, 188- Details


Mrslljp said...

Looks terrific! Well done.

Ann said...

That's a nice feature. It looks fantastic.