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Friday, June 24, 2022

3 Miles that Don't Count - Day 206

  There are three new official miles of North Country Trail here at the western end, but they don't count yet. Huh? Well, they are part of a plan to get the trail off the road across Garrison Dam (you'll see it tomorrow). But at this point, they don't connect to anything. They are on the interactive map without mileage numbers, but they aren't even on the Avenza and paper maps.

Anyway, I had to do them. Just because, right? Om is willing to walk 3 miles, and I figured it would be good to get my legs used to this idea again. Currently, this trail is a loop around the Garrison Fish Hatchery. fish hatchery

They have recently resurfaced the whole thing with pea gravel, and added signs and blazes. trailhead

I'm really glad I did this! It was not typical of the rest of the North Dakota trail. A lot of the loop was through open cottonwood forest. It's not often you see this many trees in one place out here. Nice Shaded walking. trail through cottonwoods

But the most awesome part is that you get to cozy right up to the Missouri River! Think Lewis & Clark. In fact, the reason the NCT terminus is out here is because it connects to the Lewis & Clark Trail, although that one is a National Historic Trail. And what's directly "cross the wide Missouri?" The Badlands. It's so bizarre... the landscape just changes immediately. I will have to find out why this is so. The geology must be interesting. Missouri River and badlands

One of the best things, to me, about North Dakota is the white pelicans. Although we now see them occasionally where I live, they are everywhere out here. Huge and wonderous birds. Their wingspan is 9-10 feet, second only to the California condor. But they are shy. This is about the best picture I've ever gotten. white pelican

And don't forget we are at a fish hatchery. Here goes a truck full of walleye fingerlings. About a million of them in that one truck, we were told. You can see the hatchery ponds too. fish hatchery truck

We are set up beside a church. The pastor is super welcoming, and he took us out to lunch. I got some of my work done, although with the walk and moving the trailer and lunch, I didn't get started on it until 2 pm. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I walk miles that count!

See North Dakota!

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Sarah said...

Fascinating! You are North Dakota geographic! Wish I was there and Stay cool
So you don’t quit! Hahaha