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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Chain of Lakes - Day 210

  The McClusky Canal seemed unusually beautiful to me this morning. The water was deep blue, and the shadows were cool and inviting. McClusky Canal

In 1995 there was a section of canal that was caved in and the watergates had been shut so it only had a trickle of a stream in the bottom. It was a difficult section to hike through. Now, at long last, that is being repaired. The trail takes a road detour around this. canal repairs

The wildlife report of the day is that I finally got a fairly good picture of a marbled godwit. These are new to me, except for the name. I'm sure I saw them when I was here before, but didn't know what they were. They are very territorial, and quite a few times now I've been escorted out of their space with a loud "scree, scree, scree" in descending notes. They fly around me, but don't dive bomb.
marbled godwit

Here is a pair flying. They are going right to left. Their long beaks look more like legs sticking out.
marbled godwit

Now for the Chain of Lakes. There are places where the canal widens into lakes that are somewhat developed for recreation. This is West Park Lake. I'm pretty sure we camped on it in 1995. West Park Lake

A sign informed me that there were designated campsites. (I don't think these had been created in 1995.) Did I dare hope? Yes! You can't imagine what a treat it was to eat lunch at a picnic table instead of sitting on the ground on hot gravel. picnic table

One more little lake, East Park Lake, and I was done for the day. East Park Lake

Here is today's lonesome North Dakota picture. North Dakota

Miles today: 17.7. Total miles so far: 2517.0

See McClusky Canal

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Ann said...

Glad you didn't get dive bombed by those birds.