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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Across the Hudson River - Day 183

  After leaving Botheration Pond in the morning, I encountered this track. What the heck? log skid mark

Aha! Large log beside the trail. It only took me until finding another one to realize that supplies were being brought in to rebuild the bridge that is out just south of Botheration Pond. You may recall that crossing that creek was not a highlight of the previous day. Then I found a third one. Three stringers for the new bridge. log stringer

Obviously, they were being dragged to the location, but from how far away? Just over a mile. Because at a trail junction, I found this cart. They were brought by cart about a mile from a dirt road. For a total of about 2.5 miles of serious hauling. cart for carrying logs

Behind them, I found two sleds loaded with boards for the decking. I found no evidence that horsepower was used for all this hauling. I did find a lot of deeply embedded human boot prints. Conclusion- this is a crew of young people who are getting a real workout! sleds with boards

Following the ski trail down toward North Creek, there is this odd structure. It's labeled as a Ski Rescue Sled Shed from the 1930s. Look how high off the ground it is. That's a message about the normal depth of snow. Adirondack rescue sled shed

After I reached the trailhead, I roadwalked into North Creek. I treated myself to a hot lunch at a diner. One block of downtown has several nifty mosaic murals. mosaic mural

North Creek is likely to stay on the North Country Trail route, because it has a bridge across the Hudson River. Even though the Hudson's source is in the Adirondacks, it is already a significant size by the time it gets here. Hudson River

This was the second day that Paul and Shirley were planning to pick me up. I had 8 road miles to walk, and it was supposed to start raining. I told them they could relieve me of my pack so I could walk faster. My goal was a small town called Olmsteadville. Just a crossroads, really, but it has a gas station/store.

Paul didn't realize how fast I can walk when I'm determined, and have a clear path (like a road). They reached me in time to take my pack for only the very last mile, and I got to the car just as the sprinkles turned into something more significant.

They had friends over for dinner that night, and we enjoyed yummy pulled pork and salad and fresh fruit and STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE.

Miles today: 16.4. Total miles so far: 2329.6.

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The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "That's one big river all right! I would definitely need a bridge to cross that one!"