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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Home Is? - Day 200

  I have arrived at my house. I'm beat. Two days of trailer hauling in a headwind are tiring. What does it mean to be home? For one thing, I can have my favorite ice cream! ice cream

About all I've done so far is sort the mail. I'm giving myself a break until tomorrow. stack of mail

Look what arrived! My NCT Hike 100 patch, and the Pennsylvania Hike 50 patch. I was hoping the FLT 60 patch would be here too, but not yet. hiking patches

Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers. At least two more driving days ahead, but I won't leave here before Monday afternoon at the earliest.

See My Favorite Truck Stop


Ann said...

There's no place like home. Especially when there's ice cream :)

LLC said...

Congratulations on the halfway milestone! You are an inspiration to so many. Laurentian Lakes chapter members are willing to help out when you reach this area of MN. If you need a place to park or shuttle rides please let us know. Chapter email is llc@northcountrytrail.org.
Karen Stenberg