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Friday, June 10, 2022

Out of Sequence - Day 192

  For reasons I will explain when I get to the catch-up post that covers the day this little walk goes with, I hiked 2.7 miles today that count for this quest. Then I walked the 2.7 miles back to the car.

This lovely little beaver pond has no name. It's weird being eye level with the water. The trail dropped down in front of the dam to cross the stream. You can see the top of the dam on the left of the photo. beaver pond

This probably was a beaver pond at one time. Now it's just a wetland. Openings like these in the woods are important for wildlife. They are pretty, too! But would wouldn't want to walk through there. wetland

Blue flag growing at the edge of the water.
blue flag

This little hike was surprisingly hilly. It went up and down a couple of times, then climbed 400 feet and dropped down 200.

Then I finished driving to Vermont. This view isn't at the Crown Point Bridge. It's across from Ticonderoga. Have to love the Eastern mountains. Not shabby at all. Vermont view

I'm not going to report these 2.7 miles now. I'll add them to the day where they should have been. Tomorrow, I'm back on the trail eastward! I left Sunny in New York. I'm being hosted here in Vermont by a generous family.

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Ann said...

That view in the last picture is amazing