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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Map Fun - Day 189

  Today I planned the Vermont section, did a catch-up blog post, did some reports on the pieces I hiked, tried to get some stuff ready for the Vermont leg, made phone calls, tried to rest a bit.

I'll just show you an example of what I was able to do with the Avenza app. The orange line is a track of my bushwhack from Day 175 between the two red markers. I also added markers at other points of interest. Avenza map

There are a lot of trail apps, and everyone has a personal favorite. I've only used a couple, but I'm really comfortable with Avenza.

That is all! Tomorrow I travel again, driving my car back to Vermont. Sunny is staying here again.

See Separation Anxiety?


Sue Teeters said...

Joan, many happy trails!!! Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay grateful!!!

Ann said...

I bet that app really comes in handy

Sharkbytes said...

Sue, Ann- I am safe and happy! I really would not want to do this without some GPS service.