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Thursday, June 9, 2022

It's All Good - Day 191

  First and most importantly, the car is fixed and the transmission wasn't damaged. See those shiny new lines right near the center of the photo? transmission fluid lines

Next, I hadn't quite realized how close to where I am staying Marie's brother Larry, and wife Pam, live. Like 15 minutes away! So I popped over for a visit. They pretty much think of me as extended family. Larry has hiked with Marie and me several times before. For example, in June 2013. smiling couple

Pam thinks I'm crazy, but she's glad I'm still alive. Larry wishes he could come too.

And, to celebrate my relief that the car is OK, I brought pizza home to eat with Mary and Bill.

Other than that, I did a bunch of computer stuff. It rained all day, sometimes hard, so it was a good day for indoor tasks.

Tomorrow, I really and truly am going to try to drive to Vermont. Isn't this blog supposed to be about a hike? Soon, really soon, there will be walking involved again. It takes a lot of logistics to do a trip that lasts a year or more.

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Ann said...

Good news on the car. That pizza looks soooooo good.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it was good- came from an Italian restaurant.