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Monday, August 19, 2019

Almost Salad

Looky, looky! The little lettuce experiment is quite happy. Since I'm going hiking for much of September, this will become salad, at whatever stage it is found before I leave. Makes me happy that it worked out to some extent. Next year, maybe I can get it right on the first try and have a rolling lettuce bar all season.

gourmet lettuce in pots

This has nothing to do with lettuce, but I forgot to mention it the other day. I saw something I've never seen before! A fly was sitting on my book sales table (where the fly was isn't important), and a robber fly landed right on its back, picked it up and carried it away! So I guess the robber fly's reputation for being a aggressive hunter is deserved.

In other news: I made notes from recordings in the morning, then pretty much gave myself a rest day. Well, I puttered at a bunch of things. Did laundry, did some cleaning up, did a couple of things I was supposed to, but I didn't work at it very hard. Tomorrow, I have to get back in the harness! Also under the heading of goofy- yesterday I could not get enough to eat. Today, I'm hardly hungry at all.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Wow, look at all that lettuce.
I have never heard of a robber fly but that sounds rather fascinating.

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