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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Oceana County Adventure

Loretta and I went out to just find an adventure today, with a little less walking. First I took her to the high point of Oceana County. The view from there was great, not hazy. This is looking east

view east from high point of Oceana County

Then we went to walk the short loop around Gale's Pond.

Gale's Pond

Gale's Pond

The marsh full of heavy-headed cattails was visually interesting.

bent cattail heads

person taking a picture

Now, for the big find of the day for me. Drum roll... I've been trying to catch this orchid in bloom for years! I keep finding just the leaves, or the seed pods later in the summer. Today I found it in bloom. Downy Rattlesnake Plantain, Goodyeara pubescens. Here's the whole plant. Notice the interesting leaves.

downy rattlesnake plantain

And the flower head. This makes it a preeeemo botany day!

downy rattlesnake plantain

Caught an interesting angle on a common whitetail dragonfly.

common whitetail

Then, I quick checked another short trail (Loretta had enough walking, but she didn't mind waiting while I did the other loop), and we got a yummy dinner at the Big Hart Brewing Company in Hart.

The car needed to understand more about dirt roads so we wandered toward home on one of my favorites, 88th Avenue. Sadly, they've closed the bridge over the Pentwater River on it. You used to be able to drive through.

country road

A wonderful afternoon!

In other news: I wrote in the morning, and did a few other odds and ends.

See Gale's Pond, A Wonderful Day
See Gale's Pond
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Ann said...

That looks like an excellent place to explore. You two had a good day

Secondary Roads said...

My maternal grand parent were both born in Oceana County.

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