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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pipsqueak and Big Squeak

Not sure how this pipsqueak got in the house, but this grasshopper was in my bedroom this morning! On a grasshopper scale, it was big, almost three inches long. Handsome in a grasshoppery sort of way. Full-grown- see the long wings extending past the body? But still a pipsqueak.


There are hundreds of species of grasshopper. You may be shocked to learn that I am not particularly motivated to figure out this one's exact ID. But all grasshoppers are Orthoptera (along with katydids and crickets).

Nice headshot. Serious camouflage if it weren't sitting on a piece of light-colored fabric.


This afternoon, I heard a big squeak from my deck. Who's out there? The hairy woodpecker! Crummy pictures through a dirty window, and it was a fast visit. I didn't catch him or her in the birdbath, but maybe that was the attraction.

hairy woodpecker

Bye, bye!

hairy woodpecker

In other news: I worked all morning on the book. Finished yesterday's work list in the afternoon, and walked to the post office.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

That is a big grasshopper. Makes me think of the good old days when we spent the summer days trying to catch them

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