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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Country Drivers

I did reasonably well at the vendor event today. It was mostly a flea market. I didn't realize that, or I might have looked for somewhere else. But, I came out in the black, so I can't complain.

And you know what I did on the way home- back roads!

But this picture is too cute to leave out. Big brother is getting a head start on helping his sister out of vehicular crises. She really was too young for that toy- she would hold the steering wheel, and the battery would move the jeep forward, but she was looking all over the place and not having a clue about steering. Fortunately, it didn't move very fast.

kids driving a battery powered jeep

I headed out to do some country driving myself. Found a good road.

single lane road

Came across a sign about restoring Oak Savannas. What? Out in the middle of nowhere?

interpretive sign about oak savannas

Backed up, and here's why the Forest Service put a sign there. Can you see it? This is a crossing of the North Country Trail! Blue blaze, nice treadway.

North Country Trail

That was good for a big smile.

In other news, I fooled around in the trailer a little bit when I got home.

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Ann said...

I watched a video of my granddaughter driving one of those battery operated cars and thought she was pretty impressive then her mom told me that my son was stearing it with a remote
Love the looks of that back road.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Our Dada says he would love to take his mountain bike down that road!"
Chaplin: "Our Dada has a mountain bike?"
Lulu: "He does! I saw it in the garage once, behind a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty sure it's not actually going anywhere any time soon."

Secondary Roads said...

That country road is what life should be about.

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