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Monday, August 12, 2019

I Can Make Any Two-Hour Trip Take Four

So, today, Loretta took me to get my car for real. She scooted back here to meet friends for dinner, but I had to teach the new vehicle what life with me is like.

We began wandering home by various roads- no map allowed, just keep working north and west. Well, hey, that worked out well! I stumbled across the North Country Trail. I was wearing sandals with no orthotics and had no walking stick, but I had to take a little hike. Three miles.

North Country Trail sign

Late summer flowers are coming out. Joe-Pye Weed, and the horrible invasive Purple Loosestrife. I will admit that it's pretty.

Joe-Pye Weed and Purple Loosestrife

The trail follows high above the Muskegon River.


I watched a northern pearly eye butterfly fly into a spider web. I rescued it. The spider will have to find a different meal.

northern pearly eye butterfly

Continuing to wander after the little hike, I found these chainsaw sculptures at a corner in Newaygo County. I'm pretty sure the building they are near is an old school house that is being renovated. No signs yet, but I love the carvings.

sculptures of school children

I also made quick stops at a few places so I can update my Get Off The Couch web site. This is the Pere Marquette River at Indian Bridge.

pere marquette river

Both cars eventually ended up at my house. This is like one of those "find the things that are different" puzzles. The cars are one model year apart, but they are VERY alike. Mine seems to be a tiny bit bluer.

two Subaru Foresters

I only made one concession- I tried to keep the car clean for one day by not taking dirt roads. But I did end up on dirt a little bit to check out those boat launch sites. So it's been warned.

This is all that happened today. The car has had its orientation lesson, and it may get a name. I usually don't name cars, but it could happen. Tomorrow it learns how to accept being a truck.

North Country Trail from Croton Dame to Croton-Hardy Road and back. Newaygo County, Michigan. 3 miles

See Northern Pearly Eye
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Ann said...

That's was a good way to get aquainted with your new vehicle. Thos two are very similar.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Dada says around here, it's traffic that makes a two hour trip take four. He likes your four-hour trip better!"

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