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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Color and Geometry

  Today was so low key I don't even have anything to share from the book. It's discussing algae now, basic stuff.

So I'll show you some pretties I've been saving. You know I love primary colors and patterns, right? Here are two beauties from this summer. First the closeups, and then I'll show you what they are. primary color pattern primary color pattern

And here is what they are. The first is a friend's lawn swing. The second is an underpass on the Battle Creek Linear Pathway. photo label photo label

Do you have a preference? I think maybe I like the bench, just because it's so unexpected. However, I love the way the design of the street art draws you to follow it.

In other news: I did a load of laundry and picked up things a tiny bit. Not very productive, eh?

See Primary Colors in My Kitchen


Ann said...

I like the lawn swing because it has a country, easy living feel to it. The underpass sure is bright and colorful though.

The Furry Gnome said...

I like the underpass - so bright!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- One seldom sees such attention to detail on them- they usually just get spray painted

Stu- It sure was appealing on a long paved walk.

vanilla said...

You do as I do. I was thinking, "What a dreary day." Then I started looking for the beauty under the clouds and behind the mists. God's creation is truly marvelous, and the rain is necessary to maintenance of the beauty! Prayers for Joshua.

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